BA Museum to Hold Seminar Titled “Myths and Legends of the Egyptian Delta”


The BA Antiquities Museum will organize a lecture entitled “Myths and Legends of the Egyptian Delta” on Monday, 15 April 2019, at 1:00 pm, in the BACC, Meeting Room (C).

The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Penelope Wilson, Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology, Durham University (UK).

The lecture will tackle the stories of the gods in the Ancient Egyptian Nile Delta, and discuss the relationship of specific gods to certain places, their myths concluded from small pieces of evidence. It will also cover the cults of gods that survived from early Pharaonic history to become important state gods, as well as gods whose cults did not survive.

The lecture will highlight textual and iconographical information, as well as archaeological objects and structures. Moreover, it will discuss the importance of hedgehogs to the mother of the sun, Neith, and the gods closely linked to the natural environment of the Nile Delta; such as fish and rams.

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