Archaeological Mission Discovers Rocky Tomb in Aswan

Egyptian-Italian archaeological mission discovered an ancient tomb carved in rock for a person named “tjt” in Western Aswan The tomb- belonging to Aga Khan- dates back to the Greek-Roman era, and was headed by Dr. Patricia Piacentini.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities Moustafa Waziri explained that a wooden coffin with the full hieroglyphic text was found inside tomb. The discovery aided the mission in finding out the cemetery owner’s name in addition a text for the funerary rituals and caricatures.
Dr. Ayman Ashmawy, Egyptian Antiquities Department head reported that the tomb consists of a ladder leading to a side room in which a coffin was found carved in rock and another stone in front of a group mummies were found in a poor state.

Piacentini confirmed that the mission found several important archaeological collections dating back to the Greek-Roman era, including a large collection of cartonage, two funerary masks, two small statues; one of it is good and a large collection of amphorae, in addition two pottery vessels containing the bitumen used for embalming.
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