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Zendaya Is Open to Make Comeback to Music “If The Right Timing Came"

Mon 29 Apr 2024 | 11:35 PM
Yara Sameh

Zendaya is not closing the doors on returning to music.

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the "Challengers" stars hinted that she is open to making a comeback to music making in the future when the timing is right.

“You know, I think if the right timing and it came, because I like creating it for myself, but if there was a moment, maybe I would, you know, put out a little something,” Zendaya told the roaring applause from the audience before adding, “Don’t get crazy! We’ll see, but maybe one day.”

Zendaya released a self-titled album in 2013, which included her song “Replay”. The star has focused on acting and has kept her passion for music to herself in past years.

“I love music, and it’s something that’s been special to me,” she noted. “I think being in the music industry, maybe it, it didn’t kill the joy of music, but it’s when you put music and business together. Sometimes it cannot feel so good.”

Zendaya also opened up about taking the stage at Coachella last year and performing during Labrinth’s set. Although she initially didn’t want to due to stage fright but eventually talked herself into doing it.

“I kind of went to myself was like, ‘Dude, you can’t hide from this, like, run from this forever. Like you you’re gonna be want to be on a stage and perform live once in your life, at least,'” Zendaya recalled. “I went out there and I remember after it … I was upset because it wasn’t my best, right? Because I felt like, I couldn’t hear anything. I went on the stage and the audience was so loud, that all I heard was feedback and audience. I couldn’t hear anything.”

Zendaya would go on to perform and enjoy her time on stage and told herself to stop “Beating yourself up,” remembering that the reason she was unable to hear was because “People were singing with you.”

“And I was like, ‘Just be grateful and be happy about it,'” she said.