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Zahi Hawass Meets Tim Tebow, Demi Leigh in front of the Sphinx

Wed 09 Feb 2022 | 03:59 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

Renowned Egypt’s Egyptologist Zahi Hawass met with the well-known basketball player Tim Tebow and his wife the Miss World winner Demi-Leigh Tebow at the Pyramides and Sphinx archeological area.

During their tour in the archaeological area, Hawass told the visitors that the stunning statue of the Sphinx belongs to the era of King Khafre, the builder of the second pyramid, citing it as a "deaf rock" and concrete statue.

In the same context, the well-known archaeologist denied all rumors about a hidden city under the Sphinx, affirming that these allegations are groundless and have no connection to reality.

"There's no scientific evidence to back that up," he insisted.

"We have many photos that document the process of digging under the Sphinx proving that there are no passages under the iconic statue," he noted.

Contributed by Ahmed Emam