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Zahi Hawass Meets Egypt's Tennis Player Anwar Elkamony

Wed 07 Jul 2021 | 12:45 AM
Ali Abu Dashish

Renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass met on Tuesday the tennis champion Anwar Elkamony before the Khufu pyramid.

During the meeting, Hawass said: " Elkamony had contracted a serious disease, which would have ended the life of anyone in the world. But, hope is what made him do miracles. He confirmed to all the people around the world that hope conquers the impossible."

"Hope is the most important part in our life as the Pharaohs had built the Pyramids and made their great civilization by clinging to their hope," Hawass added.

These remarks came during his participation in a speech about the "Hope Givers Initiative," founded by the Egyptian Tennis player.

"The purpose of this initiative is to spread hope to all patients around the world, in addition to those who have lost hope. This initiative will help them overcome this ordeal," Hawass concluded.