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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

YouTube Removes Mohamed Mounir's Latest Song "Lelly"

Tue 26 Jul 2022 | 11:26 PM
Yara Sameh

Popular streaming platform YouTube has recently removed “The King” Mohamed Mounir's new song “Lelly”.

The song was written and composed by Egyptian actor and musician Akram Hosny. It was removed following a copyright claim from composer Mahmoud El Mansi.

Upon the song's release, El Mansi accused Hosny of using his composition from his 2017 song "Weld El Helalia".

Hosny addressed the accusations and stated that the similarity is resemblance and not theft.

El Mansi recounted that he filed a complaint to “YouTube” to remove the song from the channel of the production company to preserve intellectual property rights.

He continued: "The song is still present on Mounir's official channel on YouTube because we did not file a complaint about it out of respect and love for the king, who is the voice of freedom, truth, and love, and we lived with him 'Shababek', 'Shagar El Lamoon', 'Hawadiet', and a history that is greater than can be written in lines,”.

“The deletion of the song is not a victory for me and nothing more than a documentation of the event and part of the credited to its owners.” El Mansi added.

“Lelly” achieved great success by receiving more than 300,000 views within days of its release.