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Yosra El Lozy Teams Up with Eyad Nassar in TV Series "Selah Rahem"

Tue 05 Dec 2023 | 02:42 PM
L-R: Yosra El Lozy, Eyad Nassar
L-R: Yosra El Lozy, Eyad Nassar
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Yosra El Lozy is teaming up with Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar in the TV series "Selah Rahem" for the first time in a decade and a half.

The cast also includes Injy El Mokkaddem, Asma Abulyazeid, Ali Eltayeb, and more.

The series consists of 15 episodes and hails from scriptwriter Ahmad Abu Zaid and director Tamer Nady.

It marks the first collaboration between the pair in 16 years. They previously collaborated on the 2009 TV series "Khas jiddaan" (2009).

"Selah Rahem" is set to debut during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon. The duo participated respectively in the last Ramadan drama marathon, El Lozy with season 3 of TV series "Al Maddah" and "Gamila" , while Nassar with "Taaghere Gaw".

Yosra El Lozy

El Lozy, born on August 8, 1985, earned a degree in political science from AUC.

During her college years, she acted in many AUC Theatre productions such as “A Silly Goose”, “The Sultan’s Dilemma”, “Sulayman EL Halabi” and the “Reader”.

El Lozy made her first experience in professional acting in prominent director Youssef Chahine's film, ”Alexandria… New York”.