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Yasmin Abdelaziz and Ahmed Elawady Will Not Team Up for New Project in Near Future

Sat 18 Nov 2023 | 03:47 PM
Yasmin Abdelaziz and Ahmed Elawady
Yasmin Abdelaziz and Ahmed Elawady
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress, Yasmin Abdelaziz and her husband actor Ahmed Elawady are one of Egypt and the Arab World's most adored couples in the entertainment industry. 

While fans love to see them onscreen, the pair decided not to be teaming up for new TV or film production in the near future.

The couple got nominated for the 2019 TV series “Lakher Nafas”. Elawady and Abdelaziz's relationship developed like any normal relationship, acquaintance, admiration, love, and then marriage. They got married in January, at the time of her birthday.

After they got married, the duo collaborated on 2023's TV series "Darb Nar" and 2021's TV series "Elly Maloush Kbeer".

In a recent interview, Elawady said: "We made the decision not to team up to give ourselves a chance to participate in the films we wanted to join,".

He stressed they will not participate next Ramadan in a TV production as each will have their own TV series.