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How to Get Utmost Benefit from Natural Oils for Hair, Skin

Mon 12 Jul 2021 | 12:31 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

We hear a lot about the benefits of natural oils for the skin and hair care, but we do not acknowledge the importance of these oils.

As we don’t know how to reach the maximum benefit from these oils to obtain a healthy and elegant appearance, I spoke to Afrah Hamdi, a natural beauty and wellness expert, who has great experience in this field.

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* The best hair oils

Coconut, Olive, and Amla oils are extremely important due to their tremendous ability to penetrate the hair follicles and protect it from damage.

These oils also provide the hair with a smooth texture and natural luster while at the same time obtain a healthy scalp.

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* Are oils good for all hair types?

Each hair has different needs. Thus, the type of oil and how often we use it depends on the condition and needs of your hair.

However, the main function of the oil is to protect the hair from breakage due to washing, especially from the effects of shampoos that contain harmful substances to hair such as sulfates.

* There is a routine about applying oil to the hair before taking a shower and form it like a bun, then washing it at least two hours later. Do you recommend this routine?

This routine has been applied from thousands of years ago in many countries such as India, China, the Levant and others, with different methods.

The duration of using the oil in some cultures reaches more than 12 hours, but I personally recommend understanding the process first, and then use it in the best way possible.

For example, when we add aromatic oil to the bath; you should not leave it for more than hour. In order to shorten the duration of the oil bath and increase its effectiveness, the oil must be warmed first; otherwise, it will be very difficult for the oil particles to penetrate the hair pores. So, no matter how long it is placed for long hours, the benefit will be negligible.

*Are there any oils for skin care?

I always recommend oils with higher antioxidant, which are easily absorbed by the skin and do not clog the pores. Among the best natural oils for skin care are; Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and hemp oil.

Contributed by Omnia Ahmed