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Valentine's Day: Greatest Love Stories from Pharohs' History

Tue 13 Feb 2024 | 03:43 PM
Ali Abo Deshish - Ahmed Emam

The ancient Egyptians were known for their excellence in science, practicality, and love as well. They have left behind love stories that are immortalized on the walls of their temples, expressing their love for every goal in their lives.

Indeed, they were among the first people to express their feelings of love, and the goddess Hathor was a symbol of "love and tenderness" for them.

For example, King Ramesses II expressed his love for his wife Nefertari on the facade of her temple next to his famous temple at Abu Simbel in Aswan with the words "She is the one for whom the sun shines."

Clearly, the love stories from ancient Egypt were not just associated with kings and queens, but also included ordinary people. One of the most famous love stories was that of "Isis and Osiris," where Isis loved her husband Osiris and collected his pieces after his death, crying for him. Her tears were like the Nile River.

The love story of "the dwarf Seneb and his wife" was also a prominent love story among the ancient Egyptians. Despite the fact that the wife was a physically complete person, she agreed to marry a dwarf, and a statue of them in the Egyptian Museum shows their happiness.

Additionally, Egyptian sculptures represented love through depictions of couples, such as Amenhotep and Ti, Rahotep and Nefert, Menkaure and his wife, and others.

The ancient Egyptians wrote poems about their beloved with enchanting words, saying, "My beloved is one and only. She is the most beautiful of all. She resembles the morning star when it rises at the beginning of a happy year. She looks so enchanting. Her eyes are gentle, her words are classy, and her appearance is gorgeous and captivating."