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TV Series "Khaled Nour and his Son Nour Khaled" to Screen in Second Half of Ramadan

Sat 16 Mar 2024 | 02:23 PM
Khaled Nour and his Son Nour Khaled
Khaled Nour and his Son Nour Khaled
Yara Sameh

Egyptian stars Chico and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz's TV series “Khaled Nour and his Son Nour Khaled” is set to be screened in the second half of the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

The 15-episode series will premiere on Tuesday, March 26 on the "MBC Masr" TV channel and "Shahid" streaming platform.

The drama features Chico embodying the role of Mahmoud Abdel Aziz's son who comes from the future.

The cast also includes Aya Samaha, Donia Maher, Sherif Ramzy, and more. It is scripted by Karim Samy, directed by Mohamed Amin, and produced by Amir Shawky. 

"Khaled Nour and his Son Nour Khaled" marks Abdel Aziz's comeback to the drama marathon after 4 years of absence. He last participated with the 2019 TV series "Shaqet Faisal" and "Hogan".

Critics expect that the work will achieve a large viewership during the drama marathon, due to its cast, who possess a great wealth of talent and presence.