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TV Series "Kamal Al Adeed" First Look Revealed

Tue 07 Mar 2023 | 03:43 PM
Dina El Sherbiny
Dina El Sherbiny
Yara Sameh

The official trailer for Egyptian actress Dina El Sherbiny's TV series "Kamal Al Adeed" has been revealed. 

It also stars Esaad Younis, Aya Samaha, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Gamal Saeed, Gihan El Shamashergy, Amr Gamal, and others.

Khaled Al-Halafawi directed the series from a screenplay by Yousry Taher and Rana Abu Al-Rish.

"Kamal Al Adeed" consists of 15 episodes and is set to screen during the Ramadan 2023 drama marathon.

El Sherbiny participated last Ramadan with the TV series “Al Meshwar” starring Mohamed Ramadan.

It also starred Sabry Fawwaz, Sayed Ragab, Bayoumi Fouad, and others.

The series is centered around Maher (Ramadan) who finds himself a wanted person and goes on the run with his wife (El Sherbiny).

It was penned by Mohamad Farid and directed by Mohamed Yassin.

Dina El Sherbiny

El Sherbiny, born on March 17, 1985, started her career as a TV host for the program “Shababeek” on the Dream satellite channel.

However, her growing admiration for acting made her join the Marwa Gebril acting school.

She studied for a year and then auditioned for the TV show “Ard Khas” (Special Screening), where she was chosen to play her real-life character.

Afterward, El Sherbiny starred in projects such as the 2013 TV series "Moga Harra" (2013) and the film "Al Hafla".

She is known for her roles in TV production such as "The Visit" (2021), "Qasr El Nile" (2021), "Luebat Al-Nesyan" (2020), "Zay El-Shams" (2019), “Asham Ebles” (2017), "Khalsana B Sheyaka" (2017), “Grand Hotel” (2016), "ِAfrah El-Qobba" (2016), “Hekayat Banat S1” (2012), "Taht El-Ard" (2013), and “Al Moatn X” (2011).

Her Film credits include "Al-Baa’d La Yazhab L Al-Ma’zoun Maratayen" (2021), "Thaneya Wahda" (2021), "Bani Adam" (2018), "Jawab E'teqal" (2017), "Kedbet Kol Youm" (2016), "Hepta: El Mohadra El Akhyra" (2016), "Al Hafla" (2013), and "Sameer Abu Elneel" (2013).