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TV Series "El Leaba" Season 5 Gets 2024 Release Window

Thu 28 Mar 2024 | 02:27 PM
El Leaba
El Leaba
Yara Sameh

Season 5 of the comedy TV series "El Leaba" (The Game) has received a release window. The show is set to premiere sometime later in 2024.

It stars Chico, Hesham Maged, Mai Kassab, Mirna Gamil, Mohamed Tharwat, Samy Maghawry, and more. 

Moataz El Tony is directing the series from a screenplay by Fadi Abu Al-Saud and Ahmed Wali.

El Leaba S3

The series first aired in 2020 and revolves around two friends from childhood, Wassim and Mazo, who always compete against each other.

This habit is put to an end when the pair gets old, however, a letter from a mysterious man makes them go back to the game.