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TV Series "Aala Nesbet Moshahda" Gets Extra Episode

Sat 23 Mar 2024 | 02:26 PM
Aala Nesbet Moshahda
Aala Nesbet Moshahda
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Salma Abu Deif's TV series "Aala Nesbet Moshahda" (Highest Viewership) is one of the most viewed shows currently screening during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

The drama marks Abu Deif's first lead role in a drama and also stars Enaam Salosa, Entesar, Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmed Fahim, Layla Ahmed Zaher, and more.

It is scripted by Samar Taher, directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, and produced by the E-Producers production company.

"Aala Nesbet Moshahda" was originally packed for 10 episodes, but now due to popular demand, the series has been increased by one episode.

"Note to those concerned: The TV series “Aala Nesbet Moshahda” consists of 16 episodes," the series' producer Abdullah Abu Al-Futouh announced on Facebook.