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Training of Talented Trainers, Immediate Development of Leadership Mindset in 4 Hours, in Person and Remotely

Sun 03 Mar 2024 | 10:54 PM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi

We are proud of the experiences and efforts of those working in the field of education, culture, and science to develop the personality of the citizen in the future to be compatible with the system of social ethics based on civil values, respect for others, human rights, and equality, and those based on the cultural heritage and common human values. We trust these efforts aim to strengthen the concept of citizenship, national identity, belonging, and the values ​​of participation, accountability, and governance so that citizens can confront national challenges, eliminate poverty and unemployment, preserve freedom and independence, and acquire the requirements and skills of knowledge economies based on creativity, information, intelligence and technical knowledge, to achieve the global goals of sustainable development and meet the needs and aspirations of the most vulnerable groups subjected to marginalization and exclusion.

As Egypt yearns to increase production quantity and quality wise and improve work ethics in all economic fields, what if it were possible to provide whomever wanted among the workers and leaders with a mature leadership personality that possessed competence, maturity, and inner peace, and was capable of dedicated, creative work with passion while motivating the assistants by understanding their personalities and leadership mindset to be role models for them in making quick, correct, and decisive decisions and implementing them effectively, accurately, and quickly?

Acquiring that leadership personality will make the required citizen personality a natural part of the conscience of workers in those fields, increasing production in quantity and quality, improving the work climate, and extending inner peace to compatibility with others in the field of work and feeling their positive aspects and motivation.

This leadership personality can be acquired immediately and remotely, within hours of one day, with a discovery that is part of the immediate treatment for personality development. Both of them obtained their intellectual property in Egypt and were published as two research papers, meaning two discoveries that were reviewed in two rounds of peer review for each of them before being published in a British journal. For psychiatry and psychology.

The discovery, according to the intellectual property certificate, relates to the immediate development of the personality (meaning immediately reaching the highest levels of happiness, competence, peace, and psychological maturity by transcending the self) and the treatment of neurotic diseases such as anxiety, depression, obsessions , phobias, and psychosomatic disorders, negative habits such as obesity, smoking, and insomnia. The result is achieved immediately and permanently, in one round within one day, without medication, pain, effort, or complications. The single round lasts about 4 hours, and consists of a dialogue part extending for about 3 hours, similar to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, to agree with the recipient on a joint analysis of the personality and the psychological and physical goals of treatment at the level of the conscious mind, which is 5% of the mind. As for the second part. What is new globally is that it imprints the desired personality as if it was achieved in the subconscious mind, which is 95% through silent hypnosis, energy transfer, telepathy, and impersonating in about an hour during their hours of sleep at night, so that the required comprehensive changes occur automatically.

I hope that Egypt or other Arab countries if not the Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture, and then UNESCO, will be first to adopt and spread this treatment in international fora and competitions as a life-transforming Egyptian discovery and a medical revolution that eliminates the suffering of years of illness and complications of medication, brings the personality to the aforementioned level, and improves performance and compatibility on family and social levels which increases the scientific status of Arab countries, and provides a great service to science and humanity.

Instant remote leadership mindset development is a part that is not related to treating diseases and symptoms, but rather with immediate personality development only for healthy people, so that they can be at the highest levels of peace, happiness, competence, maturity, and self-transcendence, whether for training trainers on it or for use in a medical tourism center or a center of excellence and evaluation for preparation of leaders in institutes, universities, institutions and companies so that the recipient acquires the personality required by the employer and which the client is satisfied with.

Below you will find my official website, which includes contact information, articles and videos of seminars, including audio testimonials from recipients and their comments, a biography including the conferences and films that praised the discovery, and the reference of the international publishing house that considered the discovery among the best in the world in 2021 and devoted a chapter to it, In addition to my opening speech before the Friends of the Earth Lovers Organization (ELFO) on the occasion of my selection as Chairman of its Medical and Welfare Council, in which I offered to train trainers to spread immediate personality development remotely. The organization’s membership includes more than 600 representatives of state leaders, diplomats, and specialists, especially from Japan and India.

By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi

Former Ambassador and Medical Doctor