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New Saqqara Discovery Stuns World

Sun 15 Nov 2020 | 07:06 AM
Ali Abu Dashish

Yesterday, more than 100 mummies and 40 gilded statues were exhibited for the first time in a makeshift exhibit nearby the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. In the presence of wide international media coverage, the uncovered coffins contained well preserved and colored human bodies.

The event was organized and opened by Tourism and Antiques Minister Dr. Khaled El Enani.

The event was attended by a huge number of officials including Giza Governor General Ahmed Rashed, Supreme Council of Antiques Secretary-General Dr. Mostafa Waziri, and Ambassador Badr Abdel Atti among others.

Moreover, many ambassadors and public figures were interested to witness the historical discovery.

El Enani explained, in his speech, the importance of Saqqara. Saqqara carries a special position due to being a part of Memphis, the earliest capital of unified Egypt. In addition, the site is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

He underscored that the ancient site is still carrying a lot of secrets beneath its sands adding the continuation of the exaction works with a high possibility of discovering more finds.

Reviewing the details of the discovery, he highlighted, the coffins date back to the late Ptolemaic dynasty.

Regarding the new homes of the coffins, El Enani revealed that the mummies will be moved to various museums such as the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the Museum of the New Administrative Capital, and The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMOEC).

El Enani also indicated that there is another archaeological discovery would be announced in 2020 but it needs more weeks for more search, pointing out that the discovery could be delayed to the final December or early 2021.

However, he stressed that Royal Mummies Parade will take place this year in a carnival scene in addition to opening the main exhibit hall of NMOEC.

Concerning the future of the prestigious Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, El Enani emphasized that it will be more developed and upgraded to continue its artistic and archaeological role in Egypt especially a number of the newly uncovered mummies will be exhibited there celebrating the 118th anniversary of the museum.

He revealed that a celebration of the mummies will take place in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir next Tuesday.

Finally, he thanked the efforts of the workers and archaeologists who beat complicated hardships and resume their works.

Moreover, he confirmed the strong support the ministry gets from the Sisi administration and the political leadership.

Contributed by Rana Atef