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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Top 5 Places to Visit in Alexandria

Fri 03 Nov 2023 | 12:57 PM
Ahmed Emam

Alexandria, the ancient Egyptian and greatest Mediterranean city, is home to legendary figures and wonders of the world. Today, remnants of its glorious past are represented by magnificent tourist attractions.

Below are the most famous tourist attractions in Alexandria:

1. Citadel of Qaitbay

Built in 1477 under the reign of Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay, this defensive fortress guards the Eastern Harbour on the northern tip of the Pharos islands. It played a significant role in the protection, development, and politics of the city. You can tour this historical fort in about an hour.

2. Pompey’s Pillar

This 25-meter-high granite pillar was built in 297 A.D. and was dedicated to Emperor Diocletian. It is part of the Temple of Serapis, which was once used to store manuscripts of the Great Library of Alexandria. It is one of the most popular historical Alexandria tourist attractions. You can explore this place in 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Bibliotheca Alexandria

This modern building is a re-imagining of the great library of Alexandria and is renowned for its beautiful and futuristic-looking architecture. It is the cultural heart of the city and one of the most popular Alexandria tourist attractions. The grand complex houses several museums that explore different aspects of the city’s history and heritage. You will need at least 2 hours to explore this place.

4. Montazah Palace

Built in 1892 by Abbas II, the last Khedive of Egypt, this palace was primarily used as a hunting lodge for the ruler and his family. It contains a luxury hotel, a casino, and a museum of royal relics. The gardens of the palace are also quite popular. You can tour this palace during Alexandria sightseeing in about 2 hours.

5. Graeco-Roman Museum

This archaeological museum focuses on the Roman rule of Alexandria. The collection in the museum spans from the 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century AD. It is an excellent place to learn about the time of the Roman Empire and the legacy left behind by it in the region. You can tour this museum in about an hour.