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Thirty-six Thousand French Officers Sign Message to Urge Macron to Save Country

Mon 10 May 2021 | 05:18 PM
Ahmed Moamar

More than 36 thousand French officers, who are still in service in the main branches of the army, navy, and air force,  have signed an article on pages of Valeurs actuelles", a hardline conservative magazine.

But the signatories did not reveal their names.

The article title is" For Survival of Our Country" was left open to add more signatures that exceeded 36 thousand one until the dawn of today, Monday, according to France Press.

The article was addressed to France's President Emanuel Macron, ministers, legislators, and senior civil servants.

The signatories urge France's elite to move quickly as the matter this time doesn't relate to vapid formulas or media echoes but it related to the survival of "Your Country".

The officers explain that they have recently enlisted in the military establishment so they couldn't unveil their identities.

France's Interior Minister Gerald Darmannan slammed that article as a "blunt maneuver," criticizing the authors of the text "lack of courage."

He added that "how strange that courageous society that grants the right to speak to those who couldn't reveal their names as if France becomes a platform for social media!

On the other hand, the authors of the article identified themselves as the generation of fire that comprises men and women who are still in the service.

They stressed that love their country in spite of concealing their identities but they couldn't adhere to silence anymore.

They indicate that some of them fought either in Afghanistan or Mali and sacrificed their lives to eradicate the Islamic tendency to which you are making concessions on our land. "

The authors of the article recalled the "Santinelle" operation that was launched in January 2015 to confront the terrorist threat in France.

They said that during that operation we saw, with our own eyes, the neglected suburbs, arrangements with delinquents.

They went on to say that they were subjected to exploitation attempts by several religious groups to which France does not mean anything other than being the object of ridicule, and contempt, or even hate.