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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

“The Roots of Ancient Egypt" Zahi Hawass's New TV Show on Archaeology to Launch in May

Sat 29 Apr 2023 | 07:09 PM
Ali Abo dashish

Beginning in May, Egyptian audiences will be treated to a new program on Egyptian archaeology hosted by prominent Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, titled " The Roots of Ancient Egypt " The program will launch on the Egyptian satellite channel Documentary Channel.

This series reviews the history of ancient Egypt and its wonders that will remain the talk of the world, shedding light on the daily life of the ancient Egyptians through their language, way of clothing, food, industry, agriculture, and art.

It also deals with exciting information about the pyramids of Giza, the religious world of the ancient Egyptians, in addition to the sciences in which they achieved significant progress