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"The Portable Door" Gets 2023 Release Window

Wed 08 Feb 2023 | 10:36 AM
The Portable Door
The Portable Door
Yara Sameh

Hollywood stars Sam Neill and Christoph Waltz's new movie "The Portable Door" will debut exclusively on MGM+ and to the U.S. market in April.

The cast also includes Patrick Gibson, Miranda Otto, Chris Pang, Jessica De Gouw, Rachel House, Arka Das, Damon Herriman, and Sophie Wilde.

"The Portable Door" is based on Tom Holt’s popular seven-book fantasy series.

It was released in 2003 and is the first book in Holt's J.W. Wells & Co series.

The movie centers on Paul Carpenter (Gibson) and Sophie Pettingel (Wilde), lowly, put-upon interns who begin working at the mysterious London firm J.W. Wells & Co., and become increasingly aware that their employers are anything but normal.

Charismatic villains Humphrey Wells (Waltz), the CEO of the company, and middle manager Dennis Tanner (Neill) are disrupting the world of magic by bringing modern corporate strategy to ancient magical practices and Paul and Sophie discover the true agenda of the corporation.

"The Portable Door" is penned by Leon Ford, directed by Jeffrey Walker, and produced by Jim Henson Company production.