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"The Nun 2" First Photos Unveiled

Wed 31 May 2023 | 01:50 PM
Yara Sameh

The first at the next chapter of The Conjuring Universe has been unveiled. 

The official Twitter account of "The Conjuring Universe" dropped the first photos from the follow-up to the 2018 movie "The Nun". 

The photos see the demon Valak in an eerie home standing at the door, and another sees Sister Irene looking at a fellow nun in sheer terror. 



The upcoming movie is set four years after the events of the original movie.

The 2018 movie was set in 1952 and is the oldest movie in the franchise. It followed a priest and a novice arriving in Romania to investigate the death of a young nun. However, things take an ugly turn when they encounter Valak. The character was first introduced in 2016's movie "The Conjuring 2". 

Interestingly, it was his exorcism that was showcased in the video at Ed and Lorraine Warren’s seminars twenty years later, and when Lorraine had horrific visions of Ed’s death.



"The Nun 2" sees the return of Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene, Bonnie Aarons as the Nun, and  Jonas Bloquet as Frenchie. 

The cast also includes Anna Popplewell as Kate and Katelyn Rose Downey as Sophie. Storm Reid also stars in an undisclosed role.

Michael Chaves directed the pic from a script by Akela Cooper, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing from a story by Cooper. 

James Wan and Peter Safran return as co-producers, with Judson Scott serving as a producer.

"The Nun 2" hits theatres on September 8.