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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Peter the Great on Artistic Visit to Cairo on His 350th Birthday

Sun 30 Oct 2022 | 11:06 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Murad Gatin, the Director of Cultural Centers in Egypt, inaugurated the Peter the Great exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Russian House in Cairo.

The inauguration was in the presence of the Consul General in Hurghada, Victor Farabaev, a Russian delegation of plastic artists, Salah El-Meligy, the former head of the plastic arts sector, Sherif Gad, the President of the Arab Union for Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities, and artist Heba Saleh Comisir.

Thirty artists from Egypt and Russia participated in the exhibition; they presented a variety of works in surreal and realistic styles, collage, caricature, and portrait within the framework of the artistic styles of different schools.

On his part, Gatin mentioned that Peter the Great, the great Russian emperor, is similar to Sultan Muhammad Ali in Egypt, as he led a revolution of reforms in Russia and contributed to the development of the country through different cultures and worked to develop all areas of life, leaving a great impact on the hearts of the Russian people.

He stressed his happiness with this Egyptian interest in the history of Russian culture and the great Russian emperor.

Gatin also thanked Saleh, who organized the exhibition and communicated with Egyptian artists, as well as Aksana Vladimirovna for her communication with Russian artists.

Farabaev pointed out the importance of this event by celebrating the 350th anniversary of the birth of the Great Emperor of Russia.

Heba Saleh Comisir expressed her appreciation for the Egyptian and Russian artists who interacted with all the data, information, and visual content of the historical, cultural, artistic, and architectural aspects of St. Petersburg and expressed it in their paintings in different artistic styles.

She also thanked the Egyptian and Russian children for their beautiful childhood creativity.

At the end of the exhibition, Gatin and Gad distributed certificates of appreciation to the artists participating in the Peter the Great exhibition, which won the admiration of the delegation of Russian artists and their appreciation for the Egyptian artists' vision of the Emperor of Russia, stressing that Russia and its Emperor Peter the Great came beautiful through Egyptian eyes.

Contributed by Israa Farhan