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"The Bikeriders" Lands Summer 2024 Release Date after Disney Distribution Shuffle

Sat 09 Dec 2023 | 12:03 PM
The Bikeriders
The Bikeriders
Yara Sameh

New Regency’s ensemble epic "The Bikeriders" a drama directed by Jeff Nichols and starring Austin Butler, Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy, will now open on June 21, 2024, via Focus Feature after Disney removed the pic from its slate.

Disney and 20th Century were initially set to open the movie on December 1, but its backer, New Regency, opted in October to take the movie off of its release calendar during the actors’ strike, with Focus Features swooped in to acquire the rights to the movie the following day. Universal Pictures International will handle global distribution.

“The Bikeriders” cost $40 million and premiered at the Telluride Film Festival over Labor Day weekend. It had hoped to qualify for this year’s Oscar season, but that would require “The Bikeriders” to debut in theaters sometime before the end of 2023.

However, it is now unlikely to land on the big screen this year, according to the new Hollywood newsletter TheInSneider.

Sources say it was New Regency’s decision, not Disney’s, to look for a new home for the pic. It is unclear whether Disney will remain on the hook to release the movie if another studio or streamer doesn’t acquire distribution rights.

The New Regency movie follows the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.

Based on Danny Lyon’s 1968 book of black-and white photographs, "The Bikeriders" follows a fictional Midwestern biker gang in 1965 Chicago called the Vandals. Austin Butler stars as Benny, a quietly smoldering young man who, like elder gang member and founder Johnny (Hardy), is unconditionally devoted to the club.

It also features Comer as Kathy, Benny’s wife who fell for him at a young age and grapples with the consequences of Benny’s involvement in the group.

The trailer reveals that the gang eventually gets involved with criminal activity and shows the violence that followed.

The trailer also shows that Mike Faist (“West Side Story,” Dear Evan Hansen”), stars as a fictional version of Lyon, the photographer who captured the real-life 1960s bikers that inspired the characters in the film.

In a nod to Lyon’s work chronicling the bikers’ lives, Faist is shown interviewing Kathy about her relationship and the gang. The innocent Kathy allows the “Killing Eve” star Comer to showcase an all new side to her, complete with a unique Midwestern accent.

Michael Shannon, Boyd Holbrook, Damon Herriman, Beau Knapp, Emory Cohen, and Karl Glusman also star.

Nichols, the director behind “Loving,” “Midnight Special” and “Mud”, also penned the script.

“Bikeriders” is produced by Regency Enterprises, New Regency Productions, Tri-State Pictures and 20th Century Studios.

The movie opened the Telluride Film Festival on August 31 to critical acclaim.