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Tara Emad to Star alongside Ramez Galal in Film “Nosi El Helw”

Mon 20 Dec 2021 | 04:51 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress, Tara Emad will play the female lead opposite actor Ramez Galal in the film “Nosi El Helw”.

The film is set to begin production in early 2022 and will arrive from screenwriter Louay El Sayed and director Mahmoud Karim, the creators of Galal’s last film “Ahmed Notre Dame”.

[caption id="attachment_293849" align="aligncenter" width="960"]“Sittat Bayt Al Maadi” poster “Sittat Bayt Al Maadi” poster[/caption]

Emad is currently seen in the TV series “Sittat Bayt Al Maadi” (Women of Al Maadi Household), starring Kinda Alloush and Injy El Mokkaddem.

The dark comedy-drama anthology series consists of 12 episodes and is adapted from the 2019 American series “Why Women Kill”.

It is directed by Mohamed Salama and penned by Mahmoud Ezzat, and produced by S production.

The series focuses on the lives of three women living in multiple time periods: the sixties, eighties, and the current times.

The first story will star Alloush and Ahmed Wafik, while the second story will feature Mokkaddem and Sabry Fawaz, and the third story centers around Emad and TV presenter Enjy Kiwan.

The series witnesses Kiwan’s acting debut.

“Sittat Bayt Al Maadi” wrapped filming on October 18.

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Emad will also star in Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki’s new film, which is produced under the working title of “Al Gawahergy”.

The film arrives from director Islam Khairi and screenwriter Omar Taher.

“Al Gawahergy” witnesses the first collaboration between Emad, Henedy, and Zaki as well as reunites the former duo after 23 years.

They had made their last cinematic appearance in the 1998 film “Saidi at the American University”.