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Supply Minister Issues Decision Regarding Prices of 7 Strategic Commodities

Sun 03 Mar 2024 | 07:20 AM
Taarek Refaat

The Ministry of Supply issued a decision that will be implemented this March, regarding the prices of 7 basic commodities. 

The decision obligates manufacturers to print the prices on all goods or to price the goods, and to oblige all shop owners and commercial chains to place the prices on the commodity or the place where it is displayed.

The price of a kilo of free sugar was set to coincide with the beginning of March 2024, and the start of disbursement of monthly rations.

It was reported that the price of a kilo of packaged sugar is 35 pounds, and the maximum price for a kilo of sugar is 40 pounds.

The Ministry published  mandatory prices for some goods

Sugar 40 pounds

Beans 50 EGP

Lentils 80 EGP

Milk 42 EGP

Veta Cheese 88 EGP 

Pasta 35 EGP

Mohamed el-Homsany, the official spokesman for the Cabinet, stated that the implementation of the government’s decision to write the prices of 7 basic commodities has entered into force.

The official spokesman said that these goods include: blended oil, dairy products, sugar, rice, pasta, beans, and white cheese.

He continued that the Cabinets’ decision includes obligating all shop owners and commercial chains to set prices on goods, or where they are displayed, in the context of confronting the greed of some merchants and ensuring that goods reach consumers at their actual prices.

PM Mostafa Madbouly issued a decision stipulating that the 7 commodities are considered strategic products, which prohibits the withholding of these goods and products from circulation, whether by hiding them, not putting them up for sale, refraining from selling, or in any other way, for a period of six months.