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Sidereas: US, Egypt Working Together to Promote Inclusive Economic Growth, Women's Empowerment

Sat 09 Mar 2024 | 01:46 PM
US Chargé d’affaires Evyenia Sidereas
US Chargé d’affaires Evyenia Sidereas
Rana Atef

On Friday, the US Embassy celebrated International Women's Day by celebrating the conclusion of the MuSHEqa program, and SheArts which witnessed the training of 40 Egyptian talented musicians.

The celebration witnessed a performance by the trained voices, followed by a performance by "Tablet El Set" at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

Various US Embassy in Cairo officials attended the event, including the Chargé d’affaires Evyenia Sidereas who delivered a speech at the beginning of the event.

She thanked the audience who attended the event to celebrate International Women's Day to celebrate the achievements of women in all fields around the world.

Sidereas reviewed the targets of the project, recalling the story of Om Kalthoum. She said: "Women do so much for Egypt and have proudly taken the lead at critical junctures in Egyptian history, but too often, the door is closed to women seeking a career in music or seeking a career in the arts. Because of this, we have been delighted to witness this partnership between the Nvak Foundation and SheArts to provide a pivotal platform for the promising Egyptian graduates of the MuSHEqa program."

The US Official highlighted that the 40 women who performed represented "the passion and positivity," in addition to representing "the power of creativity, inspiration, and self-expression..."

After that, she talked about the partnership between the US and Egypt in the field of economic growth, and women's empowerment, saying: "The US government is committed to partnering with the government of Egypt to promote inclusive economic growth, reduce gender disparities, and empower women in line with Egypt's Vision 2030."

She continued: "For example, we work with both the Egyptian government and the private sector and local communities to improve the work environment for women, expand access to banking and non-banking financial services, and reduce the socio-economic impacts of violence against women and girls."

"We provide scholarships to talented women from underserved communities across Egypt to study fields contributing to sustained economic growth and development in Egypt's best universities."

Shortly, Sidereas said that the US government supports female entrepreneurs by creating various partnerships and business development service centers to help them create their businesses and careers.

She concluded: "We are honored to partner with Egypt in these efforts to advance gender equality and the creation of a more inclusive society and a stronger Egypt for future generations."