Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Shortlisted Translated Works for Sheikh Zayed Book Award Announced

Thu 24 Mar 2022 | 08:30 PM
Rana Atef

On Thursday, the panel of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced the shortlisted works of the translated books.

The list included only three books from the longlisted 10 titles. The books are as the following:

Ahmed Aladawi’s translation from English into Arabic of The Rise of Humanism in Classical Islam and the Christian West by George Makdisi.

Kassem Almekdad’s translation from French into Arabic of Les Vices du savoir: Essai d'ethique intellectuelle by Pascal Engel.

Nawal Nasrallah’s translation from Arabic into English of Fadaalat al Ikhwan fi Tayibat al Ta’aam wal Alwan.

In the same context, the prize announced the shortlisted titles in two other categories such as Publishing and Technology, and Arabic Culture in Another Language.

The Sheikh Zayed Prize in Literature announced last December the longlist of the qualified works for the prize. Only 15 works were selected from nine countries among 852 submitted pieces.

Most of the nominated titles belong to the “Literary Texts” category, while only two are classified as verse work.

Two Egyptian participants were qualified for the longlist round of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award. They are “Ghorbet Al Manazel” (Unpleasant Houses) by Ezzat Al Qamhawy, and “Matahit Al Abid” (The Maze of Adorer) by Mohamed Youssef Al Gharbawy.

The featured books were: “Yamiyat Rose” (Diary of Rose) by Rim Al Kamali from (UAE), “Al Rehla Al Naqesa” (Unfinished Journey) by Fatima Al Mohsin (Iraq), “Safar Wahshy” (Fierce Travel) by Mohamed Haiawy (Iraq), “Sir Al Moriski” (Morisco’s Secret) by Mohamed Al Agami (Oman), and “Wa Tohamilni Hirty Wa Zonony..Siret Al Takween” (And Blaming Me for My Temptations and Confusions, the Story of Genesis) by Said Benkrad (Morroco).

In addition, the longlisted of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award included, “Shinqiti” by Al Sayed Wild Abah (Mauritania), “Rabie Al Ghaba” (The Forest’s Spring) by Jamal Matar (UAE), “Habs Qara” (Isolated Continent) by Said Bin Said El Alawi (Morroco), “Makhtot Petersburg” (Petersburg’s Manuscript) by Ligan Doust (Syria), “Khatf Al Habib” (Lover’s Kindnaped) by Talib El Refaie (Kuwait), “Maqha Ris, Ain Aala Misr” (Café Riche, Eye on Egypt) by Maisoon Saqr (UAE), “La Harb Fi Torwada, Kalimat Homeros Al Akhera” (No War in Troy, Homer’s Final Words) by Nouri Al Jarah (Syria), and “Tadares Al Hazayan” (Terrain of Loss) by Jassim Al Sahih (KSA), were mentioned on the list alongside the previously mentioned two Egyptian works.