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SEE News Tours 'If Walls Could Talk' Exhibition at Saladin Citadel

Wed 01 Nov 2023 | 12:03 AM
Rana Atef

On Monday, the "If Walls Could Talk" exhibition at Saladin Citadel took place with the participation of 50 artists from all over the world.

It is the first time that the "Art D' Egypte" extended its activities to such a historical and remarkable spot in Cairo like Saladin Citadel's "Dar Darb."

The choice of Saladin Citadel came to tell stories of the past and showcase contemporary art of the present. Saladin Citadel is a remarkable eyewitness of the history of Cairo and its turning points since the establishment of the city until today.

Moreover, the stories related to the renovation of the citadel connected the hidden narratives of the place and the talkative memories of the people. In addition, the walls are part of the life of everyone because they watch in silence the memories, the emotions, and the breakdowns of their owners.

4 Sub-exhibitions come together to exhibit hundreds of innovative ideas and creative notions. The exhibition consists of 4 group exhibitions: “Arab Dialogue”, “Rituals of Hidden Stories," “Decorative Arts and Design Exhibition”, and “If Walls Could Talk”. 

“Rituals of Hidden Stories” is the first exhibition by Art D' Egypte with the Saudi “Athar Gallery” and it represented an opportunity for Saudi artists to display their works in Salah al-Din Citadel, including Zeina Amer, Yasmine Sediri, Rajaa al-Hajj, Ibrahim Abu Mesmar, Tamara Kalo, Nour Jari, Shaima Saleh, Qamar Abdul Malik, Amr al-Najma, and Ola Safran.

Various themes are reflected through the works like immigration, everyday circularity, homesickness, life objects, and loss.

The “Arab Dialogue” exhibition is a free space for various Arabic artists to express their own feelings and stand on several personal and global issues like media, politics, feminism, and inner conflicts.

Mohamed Talaat, the organizer of the Arab Dialogue, told SEE News that the exhibited works mean to express the talents and the expression of the Arabic artists, giving them the chance to establish a harmonious dialogue without being tied to a mono-theme.

The featured artists include Hamza Bonwa (Algeria), Abdul Rahim Sharif, Balqis Fakhr (Bahrain), Sirwan Baran, Diaa Azzawi, Mahmoud Obaidi (Iraq), Ghada Al-Kandari, Abdul Rasoul Salman (Kuwait), Ayman Baalbaki, Abdel Rahman Qatnani (Lebanon), Nabil Anani, Suleiman Mansour (Palestine), Hassan Bourqia (Morocco), Youssef Ahmed (Qatar), Nasser Al Turki, Shorouk Bint Fahd, Khaled Al Owais (Saudi Arabia), Salah Al Murr (Sudan). ", Youssef Abdelki, Bahram Hajo, Khaled Al-Takriti (Syria), Abdul Qader Al-Rayes, Fatima Lootah (UAE), Adel Al-Siwi, Alia Al-Jaridy, Islam Zaher, Ibrahim Al-Desouki, Issam Maarouf, Hind Adnan, Souad Abdel-Rasoul, Muhammad Abla (Egypt). 

While “If Walls Could Talk” which featured Jean Bogosson, Omar Tousson, Muhammad Abu Al-Naga, Saif Al-Rashidi, Ahmed Farid, Christian Pletsars, Esmerelda Cosmatopoulos, Mona Ruins, Antonella, America Gisela Colon, and Sherine Girgis.

Finally, the “Decorative Arts and Design Exhibition” features 10 local brands that combine the traditional handcrafts arts and systems with the contemporary arts in different life aspects and in the form of products like clothes, furniture, and accessories.