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Secrets of Khufu Pyramid’s Doors

Sat 27 Apr 2019 | 06:14 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

There have been many whispers about the presence of secret chambers and basements inside Khufu pyramid and so many attempts have been made to prove that the pyramid wasn’t first built by Egyptians.

“An example of that was when two German people were sent to Egypt and sneaked into Khufu pyramid after bribed the stuff working in the pyramids’ region,” The Egyptian Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass clarified.

Those Germans managed to entered 5 chambers located above the burial location, got samples of the red color used in writing the pyramid builders’ names; who were known by “Friends of King Khufu”.

After analyzing sample, they declared that the pyramid was built 15,000 years ago, although this red color was brought from a quarry in the western desert that dates back to half-million years old.

This quarry was owned by King Khufu’s son and was located in a region called “Water Mountain”.

It’s worth mentioning that when Hawas found that the humidity rate inside Khufu’s pyramid reached to 80%, he cleaned the air vents in order to be connected to fans and allow the air to move through the pyramid.

This was done by a robot connected with a TV screen and this process was amazing.

The robot first entered the northern vent that extended to 20 cm*20 cm and moved through rocks; that were connected with each other in amazing way.

Regarding the second chamber “chamber of the queen”, the robot penetrated the northern vent to a distance of 20 meters then stopped as the vent was narrow at that point and leaning towards the South.

In the southern vent, the robot entered to 60 meters long and then stopped in front of a door with 2 copper doorknobs.

“We then sent another robot and camera after making a hole of 1 cm to discover another door behind the first one by 21 c". Hawass added. “The second door had no copper doorknobs.”

Then, he and his team found the northern vent leaning to the north and west for 8 meters in order to avoid the great lobby, and the robot entered to 60 meters long and stopped in front of a third door with copper doorknobs.

So, what is behind these doors? Will we find the book that the Ancient Egyptian Historian Maniton talked about and was written by Khufu?, Does the Khufu’s burial chamber still exist inside the pyramid and these stones may reveal this chamber?. This is going to be uncovered in the coming days.

Contributed by Salma Yassin