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Samira Said Unveils Teaser, Release Date for “Yallah Rouh”

Mon 23 May 2022 | 04:46 PM
Yara Sameh

Moroccan pop singer Samira Said released Monday on Instagram the teaser for her new song “Yallah Rouh”.

The iconic singer revealed that the track is set to be released on Wednesday, May 25.

“Yallah Rouh” is the singer's first Moroccan song to be released after a long absence.

It is by the lyrics of Mohamed Al Mardi and Bou Omar Hakim, and composed by Adel Khayat, Omar Hakim, Bou Omar Mahdi.

The pa is one of the most talented singers in the Middle East.

She mainly sings in the Egyptian dialect and recorded many hits that achieved great success in Egypt such as “Mahassalsh Haga“, “Youm Wara Youm”, “Ben Lef, “Sayidati Sadati”, “Malich 3inwan, and “Akher Hawa”.