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Samira said Announces New Single "Kaddab"

Tue 30 Apr 2024 | 09:25 AM
Samira Said
Samira Said
Yara Sameh

Moroccan pop singer Samira said is gearing up to release a brand-new single, "Kaddab". It is by the lyrics of Mostafa Nasser and composed by Nader Hamdy.

On Monday, the acclaimed singer took to social media to share the single’s teaser and captioned: "Soon".

Said, born in 1958 in Rabat, Morocco, is one of the most talented singers in the Middle East. She presented her first original song “I Love Noodles” at nine.

The diva was discovered on the music program, “Mawaheb”, broadcast on Moroccan TV, and then moved to Egypt where her fame began.

Said mainly sings in the Egyptian dialect and recorded many hits that achieved great success in Egypt such as “Mahassalsh Haga“, “Youm Wara Youm”, “Ben Lef", “Sayidati Sadati”, “Malich 3inwan", and “Akher Hawa”.

In 1980, she represented Morocco in the Eurovision Song Contest presenting the hit song "Bitaqat Hub".