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Samira Abdel Aziz Refuses to Sue Mohamed Ramadan for This Reason

Sat 19 Jun 2021 | 06:02 AM
Taarek Refaat

Egyptian actress Samira Abdel Aziz refused to file a lawsuit in response to the Mohamed Ramadan's insult to her.

"No, not to this degree.. I certainly will not sue Ramadan for insulting me. God is forgiving and Ramadan is like my son. That’s why I forgive him and we adults must forgive and tolerate,” according to the Egyptian newspapers reports.

"He told me you are a beggar,” Abdel Aziz revealed Ramadan’s insult to her, saying: " I do not know him, and we have never met, nor have I seen him, or even a worked together before. The only thing that happened is that I was offered to play a role with him I rejected it, and we are no enemies or rivalries."

She confirmed that she is not angry with Ramadan, "Our Lord forgives him and I forgive him, and I hope our Lord guides him to perform better roles, and I am not angry with him at all."

She had revealed, in previous statements, that Ramadan directed insults to her, as he send, “ my mother’s shoes are better than you. My fee is EGP 20 million in a movie and yours is only EGP 20,000.

She confirmed that the insults that were directed at her were not through private messages, but were via social media and one of her friends sent them to her.

It is worth noting that head of the Actors' Syndicate Ashraf Zaki,apologized to Abdel Aziz for the insults, stressing that this situation will not go unnoticed.