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Samia El Attouch Crowned Miss Arab World 2024 .. Maryam Zaiter Wins Miss Arab Europe Title (VIDEO)

Mon 04 Mar 2024 | 01:30 AM
Taarek Refaat

Samia El Attouch, 20, won the Miss Arab World 2024 title during a ceremony in Cairo, attended by fashion and art celebrities, and headed by President of the beauty pageant Hanan Nasr.

Attouch said in an exclusive interview with Sada el-Balad English (See) that she studies political science and international relations, in addition, her hobby is taekwondo.

Miss arab world hopes to complete her charitable project and to have a factory to manufacture Moroccan clothes to convey her country’s heritage to the whole world.

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Atoush pointed out that Morocco is distinguished by its Arab culture, Amazigh culture, and Andalusian culture, and for this reason, she is proud to represent her country in the competition.

She noted that all Moroccan food is delicious as it is characterized by spices that give a distinctive flavor to Moroccan food, noting that the most delicious food she loves is pastilla.

"Also, Lebanese Maryam Zaiter, 27, won the title of Miss Arab Europe 2024, after winning the title of Miss Arab Turkey, which was held in Brussels, Belgium last January," fashion journalist Ahmed Adel noted.

Moreover, Kholoud Al Qasimi, Miss Arab Tunisia 2024, won the title of Ambassador of Arab Beauty in the final coronation night.

Reham El-Khatib from Egypt won the 1st runner-up title, Jordanian Sarah Yasser was second runner-up.

As for the Miss Arab Peace title, it went to the Palestinian Fadia Al Hawari. The Miss Arab Tourism title went to the Iraqi Aya Al Nuaymi.

Contestants from 12 countries competed for the title, most notably Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Jordan and Iraq.

The jury included star Houria Farghaly and a number of beauty and health experts, including the Lebanese Rana Al-Hassan, head of the European jury, the Belgian beauty expert Kian Heba, and the Lebanese journalist Zakaria Al-Fahham.

It is worth noting that 14 contestants participated in the competition, including Marïa Boudöy from Algeria, who won Miss Arab Top Model title after doing a magnificent cat walk, and an excellent answer to the jury’s questions. 

Tunisian Khouloud Guesmi won the title of Arab Beauty Ambassador in the Miss Arab 2024 competition.

Contestants also included Mahra Ferjani from Libya, Doaa Atef from Lebanon, Aya Al-Nuaimi from Iraq, Fadia el Hawary from Palestine, Sarah Yasser from Jordan, and Mohra el Fergany from Libya.

Moreover, Rama Rabeh represented Syria, Hanadi Fadlallah from Sudan, Hebat Allah Al-Kaaini, from Turkey Lebanese Maryam Zaiter, Bushra Dahlab from Algeria, from France Algerian Emilia Bogoura, and from Belgium Moroccan Shima Hanounti.

Also, Tunisian Amna Ben Abdallah won Miss Arab Europe Top Model, and Ikram El Shereg won Miss Arab Europe for Peace 2024.

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