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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

ROH Final Battle: Brisco-FTR Rule, BCC Dominate

Sun 11 Dec 2022 | 05:48 PM
Rana Atef

On Saturday, Ring of Honor presented its final PPV for 2022, Final Battle, the show lasted for three hours, alongside the an-hour-pre show. The promotion's all titles were on the line that represented that ROH could have a roaster with certain champions to build the brand once again.

Tony Khan, the new owner of the brand, did a good job, yesterday, bringing the vibes of ROH alive, ahead of the return of the ROH weekly shows, and restricting the presence of ROH titles and champions in AEW shows.

The show started with Zero Hour which had four matches. The most important two matches among the four were Jeff Cobb and Máscara Dorada contest, and the tag team match between Top Flight and The Kingdom.

The Kingdom made a final appearance at the previous edition of ROH Final Battle which was a love letter to the brand and its stars before selling the company.

The group made several appearances in Impact Wrestling, under the name of Honor No More, before they split up.

The Kingdom received an AEW contract for their, now, sister-brand ROH.

Regarding the appearance of Jeff Cobb during the show, it reflected that the brand would go on a partnership with the Japanese pro wrestling companies, coming on the top NJPW.

Moving to the main show, the show opened by a match between Blake Christian & A. R. Fox and La Facción Ingobernable.

The match was a very good one by four high-flyers, but, Rush could be the most shining name among the four. He had a good representation, more time to show his abilities, and revealed his toughness as a competitor. 

Next came the anticipated match for the ROH Women's World title between Athena and Mercedes Martinez.

Athena's arrival at the AEW was described as an enhancement to the company women's division, however, she hadn't the opportunities on the screen as the audience hoped. 

So, changing her gimmick, and turning her to heel, alongside giving her more time in AEW Dark was a good decision.

Currently, Athena could not have a chance for the AEW Women's titles, so giving her the ROH title is a good move.

The contest between Athena and Martinez delivered a good match, although they could do better work. The reason behind that could be Martinez's absence away from in-ring action for a long time due to injury, in addition, Athena needs to work more on her shape and fitness.

Next came a tag-team match between Swerve In Or Glory and Shane Taylor Promotions. 

The match was a very good one, and full of thrilling moves between the four members. In addition, the match had different twists and impressive storytelling.

After that came a nice and entertaining contest between The Embassy and Dalton Castle & The Boys for the ROH Six-Men Tag Team titles.

Since their return, The Embassy had a good representation in the shows, so giving them the title satisfied the audience due to the strong competitive powers shown by the team.

Then came one of the strongest battles of the night between Wheeler Yuta, and Danial Garcia for the ROH Pure Championship.

The rivalry between Yuta and Garcia still impresses the fans. Those young stars proved one more time that they are among the top future stars of the company.

Both stars killed it inside the ring and presented impressive pro-wrestling action inside the ring.

The victory of Yuta gives him one-more push since losing the title to Gracia in Dynamite, and the leave of William Regal that questions the future of the Blackpool Combat Club.

After that came a real tag-team pro wrestling epic, the final part of FTR-The Briscoes trilogy. Every factor to present an excellent and memorable tag team pro wrestling contest existed in this match. 

Outstanding and brutal performance, risky spots, reckless ambition to capture the title, and a breathtaking sequence of moves. 

Once again both team proved why they are on the top of the game.

Regarding the main-event of the show, it was a strong match between Samoa Joe and Juice Robinson in his first appearance in the new era of the brand after signing with AEW for the ROH World Television title. 

Finally came the ROH World title match between Chris Jericho and Claudio Castagnoli. Jericho's run with the title was really tremendous and restored a lot of the title's prestige, in addition, it served the story between JAS and BCC well.

Jericho still presents a good and impressive in-ring performance regardless of his age and managed to go with any competitor inside the ring.

On the other hand, it was one of the events in which Castagnoli had a good representation and won with his swing for the first time in a very long time.

The victory of Castagnoli and Yuta retained the dominance for the BCC once again over the JAS.