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Reports: 8 Killed, 2 Injured in Gas Explosion in Algeria

Wed 02 Feb 2022 | 12:08 AM
Rana Atef

Algerian local media agencies reported on Tuesday several causalities were killed in a gas explosion in Sétif Province.

Sky Arabia cited local reports revealing that the blast took place inside an apartment that used as a storage of cosmetics due to gas leak, causing a huge fire in the building.

Civil Defense authorities explained that several houses increase using heaters, and water heaters extensively, so sometimes could be a wrong or unsafe usage of gas, so, several deaths were recorded due to home gas accidents, including the latest reported accident.

Therefore, authorities urged all citizens to be more careful while dealing with gas, in addition to making sure for the presence of fresh air in the house, and open the windows in the presence of heavy steam or gas.

The latest reported number of causalities reached three men, two women, and three children, alongside two injured.