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Remembering Nelson Mandela On His Death Anniv.

Wed 08 Dec 2021 | 10:23 AM
Ahmed Emam

This week marks the death anniversary of South African leader Nelson Mandela. The world remembered the Nobel winner African leader for his undying dedication towards black Africans.

The iconic leader who passed away on 5 December 2013,  inspired generations to think of united Africa and struggle for it peacefully.

To him, South Africa did not only mean “Tackling institutionalized racism” but it encompassed all spheres of life.

His struggle with the authorities in South Africa, where he was born and grown-up, and the racial biases he and other Black Africans were subjected to brought a considerable change in him. This paved the way for him to become a national leader.

To mark his legacy, Mandela was remembered at a small wreath-laying ceremony at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Sunday morning.

On the date of his passing annually on 5 December, thousands of South Africans also hold the annual Mandela Remembrance Walk and Run to commemorate Madiba’s legacy and contribution.

In 1952 in Johannesburg, Mandela alongside his colleague ANC leader Oliver Tambo, established South Africa’s first Black law practice, specializing in cases resulting from the post-1948 apartheid legislation.

At that time, Mandela played a vital role in launching a persuasive campaign of defiance against South Africa’s pass laws, which required nonwhites to carry documents (known as passes, passbooks, or reference books) authorizing their presence in areas that the government deemed “restricted” (i.e., generally reserved for the white population).

The late iconic struggler traveled throughout the country as part of the campaign, trying to build support for nonviolent means of protest against the discriminatory laws.

Three years later, he was involved in drafting the Freedom Charter, a document calling for nonracial social democracy in South Africa.

In 1993, the African leader Mandela shared a Nobel Peace Prize with the legendary last white president of South Africa, who would win the presidency the following year in the first multi-racial elections in Africa’s biggest economy.

It's worth mentioning that Mandela's death anniversary coincides with the 25th anniversary of Mandela’s signing of the constitution on 10 December 1996.