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Remembering Legendary Singer Farid El-Atrash on Death Anniv.

Sun 26 Dec 2021 | 04:34 PM
Ahmed Emam

Today marks the death anniversary of the iconic singer Farid El-Atrash. 

Despite his death forty-seven years ago, El-Atrash was and remains the most important and successful of Arab singers along with Umm KulthumMohamed Abdel WahabMohamed Fawzi, and Shadia.

He was born to a nobel and royal Syrian family on April 21, 1917. At a young age, his family members and his siblings were executed from their monarchy at Druze Mountain. His mother was also forced to move with her children to Egypt, where the late singer and his sister Ashman grew up.

El-Atrash was one of the most successful, rare Arab stars, with over fifty songs and 31 movies to his name.

Throughout his career, he performed many successful songs, such as ’Ish Anta' (May you survive), La Wa ’Ayneika (By your Eyes), and ’Odtt Ya Youma Mawlidi' (You’re Back, My Birthday).

The remarkable and beloved singer was also known for his romantic films, such as Lady Ghost (1949) directed by Barakat, he Last Lie (1950) by Ahmed Badrkhan, Come Over and Say Hello (1951) by Helmy Rafla, and Don’t Tell Anybody (1952) by Barakat.

His big breakthrough came when he featured in 'Habib Al Omr', starring renowned Egypt's belly dancer and actress  Samia Gamal, and notable comedian Ismail Yassin.

Thereafter, the doors of Egypt's cinema were thrown open wide, to the extent that between 1941 and 1975 – the year of his death – he presented 31 films, including 18 he produced for himself.

According to critics, Al-Atrash always wanted to present singing dialogues in participation with the singing female leads in his films. The most notable of these was 'Ya Salam ala Hobby we Hobbek' (Oh For Our Love) in You are my Love (1957) directed by Youssef Chahine, where the songstress Shadia sang along with him.

The greatest cinematic success El-Atrash achieved resulted from his success as a singer in the first place, critics noted.

On 26 December 1974, the veteran star died at the age of 58 after battling heart problems.