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Razane Jammal Teams Up with Menna Shalaby for first time in TV Series "Taghyeer Gaw"

Razane Jammal is once again captivating

Sun 16 Apr 2023 | 11:05 AM
Razane Jammal
Razane Jammal
By Pasant Elzaitony

British-Lebanese actress Razane Jammal is once again captivating viewers this Ramadan; only this time, with her role in Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby's hit TV series "Taghyeer Gaw", which is airing on MBC and Shahid.

The cast also stars Eyad Nassar, Mervat Amin, Saleh Bakri, Sherine, and others.

Mariam Abou Ouf directed the series from a script written by Muna Al-Sheemi and Magdy Amin.

Razane JammalRazane Jammal

"Taghyeer Gaw" follows Sherifa (played by Shalaby), who travels from Cairo to Beirut to ask for help from her aunt after she fails to get her mother — who is receiving treatment for antidepressant addiction in an asylum — to sign a contract to sell their family home.

In Beirut, however, Sherifa's life is thrown into disarray when she is compelled to stay with her aunt at the Khatwa Aziza Hotel, which she owns.

Razane JammalRazane Jammal

In the series, Razane plays Gizelle Bou Nassar — a businesswoman with a sharp and fierce personality who resides abroad but causes trouble at the Khatwa Aziza Hotel during her brief visit in Lebanon.

There has been no letup in Razane's popularity or number of views during this Ramadan season, and responses to her work have been overwhelmingly positive.

She is also riding on the back of the success of her recently released TV series "The Price", which she starred in with Khaiat and achieved record viewership rates on Shahid.

Additionally, Jammal has enjoyed enormous success on a global scale thanks to her recurring role in the American TV series "The Sandman", which broke Netflix and IMDb’s records in terms of viewership rates.

She is also well-known in the Egyptian scene for her role as Emily in the Egyptian blockbuster "Kira & El Gin", which grossed over EGP 118m, and Maggie MacCaleb in Netflix's first Egyptian original series "Paranormal".

Jammal is also known for starring opposite Hend Sabry in the 2014 TV series "Embratoreyet Meen" and Yousra and Kosai Khauli in the second season of the TV series "Saraya Abdeen".

Her filmography also includes several hit films and TV shows such as the Pan-Arab series "Ana", the Shahid original show "Al Shak", "Cruel Summer", "Une Histoire de Fou", "Carlos", "A Walk Among the Tombstones", "The Queen's Gambit", "Berlin Station", "Chimerica", and "Bad Buzz".