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Ramez Galal's Film “Nosi El Helw” Gets New Title, First Poster

Mon 11 Jul 2022 | 07:47 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor Ramez Galal unveiled Sunday on Instagram the poster for his new film “Nosi El Helw”.

The poster also unveiled that the film’s title was altered from “Nosi El Helw” to “Akhi foq al-Shagara”.

The film arrives from screenwriter Louay El Sayed and director Mahmoud Karim, the creators of Galal’s last film “Ahmed Notre Dame”.

Egyptian actress, Tara Emad will play the female lead opposite actor Galal in the project.

“Ahmed Notre Dame” is a comedy horror genre that also starred Ghada Adel, Khaled El Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Hamdy El Marghany, Entsar, and others.

The plot centers around a journalist (Galal), who investigates the large-scale murder cases of women amidst security services search for the killer (El Sawy). It was later discovered that the killer’s favorite character was “Hunchback of Notre-Dame“, the lead character of the French romantic novel by Victor Hugo.

The journalist comes up with a plan to grab the killer’s attention, which is implemented through the help of a pathologist (Adel) and calling himself Ahmed Notre Dame, in an attempt to lure the killer with his “likeness” of Notre Dame.

Indeed, the killer begins to search for “Ahmed Notre Dame”, especially as they both love the same character. They meet and become friends, and soon the protagonist learns the reason behind the killings, which is due to the killer’s suffering from a complication in his life that made him hate women and seek to revenge against them.

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The film witnessed the first collaboration between Galal and Adel after 16 years. They collaborated for the first time in the 2001 film “55 Esaaf”.

They had made their last artistic cooperation in the 2005 film “Eyal Habiba” co-starring Hassan Hosny, Hamada Helal, Mohamed Lotfy, and others.

The film also witnessed the third consecutive collaboration between Karim and Galal, after they collaborated in the film “Savage Raghda”, and “Sab’e Alboromba”.