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Ramadan 2023: Mai Omar, Yasser Galal Reunite in TV Series "Alaqa Mashroa"

Tue 15 Nov 2022 | 07:56 PM
Mai Omar, Yasser Galal
Mai Omar, Yasser Galal
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Mai Omar has recently joined the cast of actor Yasser Galal's TV series "Alaqa Mashroa".

The series is set to screen in the Ramadan 2023 drama marathon.

"Alaqa Mashroa" marks the second collaboration between the pair after the 2020 TV series "Al Fetewa".

Omar participated last Ramadan with the TV series “Rania W Sakina”, featuring singer-actress Ruby.

Omar, born on February 7, 1988, started her career as a producer in the field of adverting, then got into acting in 2013 with her role as Walaa in the TV Series “Hekayet Hayah”.

In 2010, Omar, and director Mohamed Sami tied the knot, after a love story, and welcomed two daughters, Taya and Celine.

She is best known for her roles in the TV productions in "Lu lu" (2020), “Weld El Ghalaba” (2019), “Rayah el Madam” (2017), “Afaret Adly Allam” (2017), “Al Ostora” (2017), “Halet Eshq” (2015), “Kalam Aala Wara” (2014), and “Hekayet Hayah” (2013).