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Princess Anne UK's Monarchy Savior after King Charles III's Cancer Diagnosis?

Wed 07 Feb 2024 | 03:45 PM
Princess Anne, UK's Princess Royal
Princess Anne, UK's Princess Royal
Rana Atef

Since the announcement of UK King Charles III's cancer diagnosis, Princess Anne, the younger sister and one of the top Royal working members, is expected to play a major Royal role in the monarchy. She is also well known for his devotion and support to the monarchy.

Since the news broke out, Princess Anne has stepped up to her supporting role with her well-proven capabilities.

She has been supported by the UK people due to her quick wit and relentless work ethic. The unique role of her Royal duties is admirably executed and she never dropped her Royal responsibilities.

The UK Royal Family was hit hard after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, especially, after the exit of Prince Harry, and Megan Markle away from their Royal duties, and the stripping of Prince Andrew of his duties as a working Royal member.

King Charles’s position after the Queen's death was clear as the new King, but, Princess Anne's role is again proven. Princess Anne will be called on in two directions: both to support her brother personally and to help lead the royal family publicly.

Former BBC Royal Correspondent Wesley Kerr told Tatler that Princess Anne proved that "she can be relied on for compete discretion and unconditional love."

Kerr added that Anne has a unique combination of understanding, especially, she has a real desire for her brother to succeed.

This was proved during her role at her brother’s coronation, where she attended as Gold Stick in Waiting. This role symbolizes protection for the guard. This is a ceremonial bodyguard to the monarch. Princess Royal represented her will to protect and support King Charles.

Wesley Kerr told Tatler: "She is the person The King has known longest…Anne is wise, intelligent, incredibly plugged into the modern United Kingdom. She understands completely who and what has shaped him and is eager for him to succeed: for the sake of their beloved mum and dad and for country and Commonwealth."

He highlighted that she had the perfect perspective and characteristics to carry some of the King's responsibilities at this time.

Kerr added: "She knows how Charles ticks. She's always had a unique relationship with him, even in the younger days, when she knew all about Charles and Camilla and supported him through that. I've no doubt that she will be the same mainstay of support to Charles as she was to her mother."

It seems clear that the vital role that Princess Anne played in her brother's life will qualify her to act as a vital pillar for the royal family as she did after her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, death when she accompanied the coffin of the Queen and attended all ceremonies until the Queen's burial.

She is known for her busy schedule and Royal commitments. It is said that she performed over 500 engagements last year. This means that her role would be greater after the King's cancer diagnosis.

Last Thursday, before her visit to Cromer Station in Norfolk in celebration of the National Coastwatch Institution's 30th anniversary, she attended the opening of Norfolk Schools Sailing Association's new facilities near Great Yarmouth, before stopping at HM Prison Norwich as part of her work as a patron of the National Association of Official Prison Visitors.

Also, Princess Anne is admired for her exceptional sporting interest. Princess Anne was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympic Games.

Princess Anne is among the top-favorite Royal serving members and people described her as "the best king we will never have."

It is expected that some of the Royal members will have a higher roles like Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, Queen Camilla, and Prince of Wales William.