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Police Investigate Girls Fight Caught on Video in 5th Settlement

Sun 31 Mar 2024 | 05:59 AM
Taarek Refaat

The Ministry of Interior is examining a video of a quarrel between a group of girls that broke out inside the Starbucks in New Cairo, where the video showed the girls assaulting each other in a violent manner.

The security services formed a criminal investigation team to uncover the circumstances of a fight between the girls inside the famous cafe, after a video recording the incident was circulated on social media.

The security services examined the video of the fight to determine the details and identify the quarreling parties in order to take the necessary legal measures.

A number of social media users circulated the video showing a violent quarrel between a number of girls, where one girl initially violently beat another, while sounds of obscene insults were heard during the clip.

Meantime, some Sources said that two of the girls filed a reconciliation report inside the Fifth Settlement Police Department after a quarrel between them inside Starbucks.

The video showed a violent quarrel between a number of girls, starting with one of them assaulting the other, and exchanging insults before their friends clash with them, with a number of young men intervening to separate them.