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On Account of EgyptAir Plane Birth, 5 Similar Birth Stories…

Thu 17 Sep 2020 | 10:01 PM
Sara Goda

A Yemeni woman gave birth to her baby girl on EgyptAir’s flight from Cairo to London last Tuesday, but she is not the only woman who gave birth in the air.


The occurrence of plane births is pretty rare especially since most airlines forbid women in the last trimester from flying but they did happen about 50 times before so, here are 5 similar stories to the EgyptAir plane birth:

[caption id="attachment_150541" align="aligncenter" width="780"]Debbie with SKY Debbie with SKY[/caption]



In 1990 and on a flight to Ghana, Debbie Owens who was traveling with her 4-year-old daughter, Claire went into labor while being 35,000 feet high in the air. But fortunately for Debbie there was doctor on board who had delivered many babies before in the Ghana bush with limited to no medical equipment at all.


Debbie was transferred to a cleared space in First Class to safely deliver her second daughter just as the plane passed over Paris. The mother then decided to name her daughter Shona Kirsty Yves so that her initials can spell SKY.

[caption id="attachment_150542" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Ada with Chloe Ada with Chloe[/caption]



Many people heard about the “I Didn’t Know I was pregnant” show that tell the different stories of women who gave birth without even knowing they were pregnant but Ada Guan gave birth 35,000 feet in the air also while not knowing that she was pregnant.


On a flight from Canada to Tokyo, Ada started feeling increasingly uncomfortable but her boyfriend didn’t think much of it and dismissed it as a simple stomach pain or something as trivial. But to his surprise and with the pain and discomfort getting worse, Ada gave birth a few hours later to their baby girl Chloe with the help of the three doctors who were luckily on board.

[caption id="attachment_150543" align="aligncenter" width="1026"]Twins Twins[/caption]



25-year-old Irina Vasylkova started having contractions on an International Russian flight from Zyryanka to Yakutsk but what is even more impressive about this story is that Vasylkova was having twins and not only that but because the delivery progressed so fast, one baby was born in the air before the landing and the other was born on earth after the landing.

[caption id="attachment_150546" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Toyin with Jake and Dr. Hemal Toyin with Jake and Dr. Hemal[/caption]



On a flight to JFK airport, baby Jake decided to arrive and not only disturb his mother’s plans but also the plans of the second-year medical student Dr. Sij Hemal who was only hoping to enjoy his flight and relax but of course when he heard the announcement “Is there a doctor on board?” he stepped up and helped Toyin, the mother deliver her baby boy. Toyin then praised Dr. Hemal and the plane staff for helping her and acting “even better than hospital staff”.

[caption id="attachment_150547" align="aligncenter" width="1451"]Jetstar plane Jetstar plane[/caption]



On a flight to Mynamar, Saw Ler Htu started going into labor with her first child ever and Htu actually gave birth to her baby boy in the air. She named her son “Jetstar” after the name of the airline company and so, the company gave some baby supplies that are worth 1000 dollars as a present to the new mother and baby.