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Omar Kamal Teases Collab with Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Wed 13 Oct 2021 | 12:38 PM
Yara Sameh

On Tuesday, mahraganat singer Omar Kamal teased fans on Instagram with a new mysterious project with Egyptian actor Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

Kamal shared a photo of them together and captioned: "Soon 😉".


On the other hand, Abdel Aziz is set to appear in the film “For Zeko”.

The film also stars Menna Shalaby, Mahmoud Hafez, Mohamed Mahmoud, and others.

“For Zeko” is penned by Moustafa Hamdy El Hawary and wrapped production in September.

Karim Mahomud Abdel Aziz wraps shooting on film “For Zico”

Abdel Aziz was last seen in the sci-fi film “Mousa”, which is the first Arab robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) film in the Arab world.

It also starred Eyad Nassar, Asma Abo Elyazeid, Sarah Al Shami, Mohamed Jumaa, Salah Abdullah, and others.

The film, produced by Synergy production company, is also written and directed by Mimi.

The plot revolves around an engineering student who invented a robot to help him with his personal issues, but things get complicated and out of control.

The film is a part of “The Underdogs” franchise, which consists of a series of Arab projects that take place in a shared universe, where the events and characters are connected.

The universe chronicles the adventures of mechatronics engineer, Yahya Saleh Al-Khayat, hacker Youssef Al-Haram, Dalela, and the Saudi pilot, Faisal.