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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Old City Cairo Must-See Sites

Fri 13 May 2022 | 04:49 PM
Ahmed Emam

Whether you are walking along the ancient city walls of EL-Moez Street, haggling in historic bazaars in Khan Khalily, visiting old Islamic schools, Fatimid and Mamluks mosques, watching the sun go down on the Hussain Mosque arena, or relaxing in an Azhar Park, there’s always something more to do in Cairo Old City, a place aptly known as ‘The City of 1001 Arabian Nights’.

The heart of Cairo remains its fascinating Old City, home to some of the most historic sites of this vibrant megacity. Located near Mukattam Mountain, Old Cairo was formerly the capital of a range of Islamic states like the Fatimid and Mamluks empires.

El-Moez Street

This iconic heritage site is one of the most famous historical forts and landmarks in old Cairo. It is an archaeological treasure known for its magnificent architecture, magical light effects, and imposing structure. The fort’s mosques, colossal mud walls, and incredible venues are worth seeing.

Nowadays, El-Moez Street is a vibrant venue that features iconic medieval mosques and buildings alongside modern vendors and shops in an Old Cairo neighborhood called Gamaleya, and the street is adjacent to the world-famous bazaar Khan El-Khalili.

Key sights include the Aqmar Mousqe (Established by the Fatimid vizier al-Ma’mun al-Bata’ihi in 1125-6 CE), El-Akml School, and Bayt Al-Suhaymi venue.

Al-Hussain Mosque

The iconic site is considered the magnum opus of Islamic architecture. Its iconic architecture, rich history, religious importance, and stunning beauty make it a must-visit in Ancient Cairo

In addition to being a place of prayer and worship, the Al-Hussain Mosque is a cultural and scientific beacon for the people of Cairo.

The mosque that dates back to the year 1154 is considered one of the oldest heritage mosques in the region. Its historical importance is mainly because it is one of the oldest Fatimid mosques in the region, and it’s believed that it features the coffin and the head of Emam Al-Hussain, according to historians.

El-Nasr Gateway (Gate of Victory)

This iconic gateway is considered to be one of the most famous landmarks in Egypt. It was actually built as an entry and exit point during the Fatimid period but now has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists. Several tourists visiting ancient Cairo prefer to book a stay around the vicinity of the Gate of Victory and Hussein quarter.

Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is one of the largest street markets and iconic bazaars in the two spheres, where thousands of tourists and Arab visitors stream through the colorful 800-year-old market daily.

In Cairo’s iconic bazaar, there are hundreds of domestic shops and stalls selling handcrafted accessories, carpets, spices, souvenirs, leather goods, antiques, and jewelry.

If you’re willing to get excited, stroll down in its back alleys of the Bazaar and you might be pleasantly rewarded with the most of Egypt’s authentic grab.