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Offset Honors Michael Jackson with "Thriller"-Inspired Music Video for New Single "Fan"

Sat 16 Sep 2023 | 03:40 PM
Yara Sameh

Despite legendary singer Michael Jackson has passed away in 2009, however, his immeasurable influence has been constant as to why he’s called the King of Pop. 

Now, US rapper Offset is leaning on Jackson’s iconography as well as the antics of social media personality Kai Cenat to deliver a music video for his new single “Fan” that shows off his artistic eye, dancing ability, and overall creative vision.

The video comes on the heels of some MJ-adjacent controversy in the world of Offset and Grammy-winning wife Cardi B. 

In an interview with Hot 97, Cardi hilariously lamented about Offset’s unfortunately placed Michael Jackson stomach tattoo. 

“I don’t even wanna take it there. I will take it there, but it’s just like, y’all really have to see it,” Cardi said. “Because every single time I, you know like, [mimes oral sex], it just be looking at me. I swear to God. You gotta see that tattoo. The tattoo really be looking at me like, ‘Yeahhhh.’” Offset responded that he’s “never” removing the tattoo.

On Thursday, Offset revealed the official title and artwork for his forthcoming sophomore solo studio album. 

The new record, "Set It Off", features a semi-apocalyptic album cover and is slated for an October 13 release. 

"Set It Off" is the follow-up to Father of 4, his 2019 debut solo studio album which spawned Billboard Hot 100 hits such as “Red Room” (No. 49) and the Grammy-nominated “Clout” (No. 39, with Cardi B). As a member of Migos, Offset has released four studio albums — two of which have topped the Billboard 200.