Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Netflix TV Slate Delays: "Wednesday", "Stranger Things" Not Returning until 2025

Fri 02 Feb 2024 | 11:39 AM
Yara Sameh

Netflix has unveiled the slate of TV series set to release in 2024, but some of the streamer’s biggest series were not on the list, delayed by the writers and actors strikes.

"Stranger Things"‘ fifth and final season, which just started production earlier this month, will not debut until 2025, making for a three-year gap between both Seasons 3 and 4 (due to the coronavirus pandemic) and Seasons 4 and 5.

Given the extensive VFX work involved in the series, which was originally slated to start filming Season 5 in May, the delay is not surprising.

A fate shared by the series that dethroned "Stranger Things" and Netflix’s most popular series, "Wednesday", which is not scheduled to begin production on Season 2 until late April in a new location, Ireland, and breakout new 2023 drama "One Piece", which also is yet to start filming on its second season.

The list of series that won’t air original episodes in 2024 also includes three popular female-driven series:"Sweet Magnolias", "Ginny & Georgia", and "Virgin River".

While none of them require extensive post-production, there are various other factors in play, including weather as "Virgin River" for example won’t be able to start filming Season 6 in Vancouver until the spring.

The list of hit Netflix series that will skip 2024 also includes "The Lincoln Lawyer" (picked up for Season 3), and three sophomores, "The Watcher", "XO", "Kitty", and "The Recruit". Popular Netflix scripted shows that will be back for new installments in 2024 include "Squid Game", "Bridgerton", "The Night Agent", "Cobra Kai", "Emily In Paris", and "The Diplomat". 

Series on a global streamer like Netflix take longer to get to the screen due to dubbing/subtitling for the various territories.