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Netflix Drops Teaser Trailer for "The Witcher: Blood Origin"

Fri 11 Nov 2022 | 02:51 PM
Yara Sameh

Netflix dropped Thursday the official teaser trailer for "The Witcher: Blood Origin".

The series is set in a fantasy world where “Witchers”, hunters who are trained from a young age to use their supernatural abilities to hunt and kill dangerous monsters.

 It will explore the state of the world during the event known as the “Conjunction of the Spheres”.

The historical event marks the fusion of different dimensions, with men, dwarves, and monsters coming to the lands that used to belong to elves.

It is based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowskithat. The books have also been adapted in the hugely popular video game franchise of the same name. 

"The Witcher: Blood Origin" takes place 1200 years before the Netflix series and will explore the secret origin of the first Witcher. 

The series is created by Declan de Barra, who also serves as showrunner and an executive producer. 

Other executive producers include Lauren Hissrich, Matt O’Toole, Tomek Baginski, Jarek Sawko, Jason Brown, and Sean Daniel. Sarah O’Gorman and Vicky Jewson serve as directors for the four-episode series. 

The series stars Michelle Yeoh as Scían, Sophia Brown as Éile, and Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall. 

The cast also includes Minnie Driver, Mirren Mack, Lenny Henry, Jacob Collins-Levy, Lizzie Annis, Huw Novelli, Francesca Mills, Amy Murray, Nathaniel Curtis, Zach Wyatt, Dylan Moran, and Joey Batey. 

"The Witcher: Blood Origin" premieres on Netflix on Sunday, December 25.