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Nancy Ajram and Husband Fadi El-Hachem Splitting up? Here Is the Truth

Wed 16 Aug 2023 | 10:49 AM
Nancy Ajram and Dr. Fadi El-Hachem
Nancy Ajram and Dr. Fadi El-Hachem
Yara Sameh

Rumors have been swirling in the past 24 hours about Lebanese superstar, Nancy Ajram, and her husband Dr. Fadi El-Hachem heading for divorce.

Speculations arise after El-Hachem didn't make any public appearances with the acclaimed singer in the last period.

Ajram presented a series of concerts during the past weeks, including a gig at the New Alamein Festival.

She appeared with her daughters in many videos, but her husband did not show up.

However, a source denied the rumors and added the couple alongside their daughters and several close friends are currently on a trip to Disneyland in France and a summer camp.

The couple wed in Cyprus back in 2008 and has three daughters, Mila and Ella, and Lya.

Ajram and her husband welcomed their third child on February 2, 2019.