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Naglaa Badr Teams Up with Hany Adel in TV Series "Azmeh Thiqah"

Fri 10 May 2024 | 10:02 AM
Hany Adel, Naglaa Badr
Hany Adel, Naglaa Badr
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Naglaa Badr is teaming up with singer-actor Hany Adel in the TV series “Azmeh Thiqah” (Confidence Crisis).

Menna Fadali and Malak Ahmed Zaher will also star.

The series consists of 15 episodes and hails from director Wael Fahmy Abdel Hamid and screenwriter Ahmed Subhy.

“Azmeh Thiqah” marks the second collaboration between Badr and Zaher. They previously collaborated on the TV series "Lu lu".

Principal photography is set to begin sometime this month. 

Sowt W Sora

Badr was last seen in the TV series “Sowt W Sora".

It also stars Hanan Motawie, Sedky Sakher, Mourad Makram, Nardine Farag, and more.

The series is scripted by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel-Malik, directed by Mahmoud Abdel-Tawab Toba, and produced by Aroma Studios.

“Sowt W Sora" consists of 30 episodes and was initially set to screen during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon. 

Born on October 6, 1974, Badr graduated from the faculty of Mass Communication in 1996. She was the first Egyptian presenter to present programs in Oman, where she worked with Mohamed El Margeby in the program "Afternoon Date".

She hosted shows like "Soiree", "You and the Million", and the Arabic version of "Money Drop". The shows were her access to the world of filmmaking and drama. 

Badr is best known for TV productions such as "Sero El Batea", "Pablo", "Bayn El Samaa W El Ard", "Nasl El Aghrab", "Ela Ana", "El Prince", "Al-Fetewa", "Abu Gabal", "El-Zoga 18", "Shebr Maiya", "Amr Waqea", "Ladina Aqwal Okhra", "30 Youm", "Ramadan Kareem", "Satat Qadira", "Foq Mostawa El Shobohat", "Al Sa'look", "Bin El Sarayat", "Al-Zowga Al-Tanya", "Bedoun Zikr Asma", "Taht El-Ard", "Hekayet Hayat", "Ala Kaf 'Afreet", "Taraf Talet", "Reesh Naam", "Layali", and "Al Nawa".

On the film side, she starred in films "Laylat El Eid", "Saet Ejabah", and "Geddo Habiby".